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Whether you're a large or a small business, The Bacon will help you connect to an ever-expanding audience, both online, and near you.

  • 1 Get started, totally free.

  • 2 Free warm leads

  • 3 Get the job

  • 4 Do great work, get paid!

  • 5 Get reviews and grow.

Bring your business to The Bacon.

Get started, totally free.

Customize your free marketing page with photos and information about your business! Once you're ready, we help you manage your jobs, while providing free advertising on The Bacon and managing all of your billing

Free warm leads

Customers in your area tell us what they need a hand with and we pass that request along to you, free! Get more details about the job, set up an estimate, or send a quote by messaging the customer directly through our platform

Get the job

Customers hire you online through The Bacon. Once you've sent a quote, they book your services by entering their credit card info (don't worry, we handle that). Their card will be charged once the job is done.

Do great work, get paid!

24 hours after the job is done, the money you've earned is direct-deposited into your bank account

Get reviews and grow.

Once you've finished the job, your customer leaves you a review with photos so that everyone can see the great work you do. On The Bacon, anyone can see business' pages and reviews for free- the more great reviews you get, the more you grow!

What does it cost?

The Bacon only makes money when you do. When you get paid, 5% gets automatically diverted to The Bacon.

*An additional 2.9% goes to covering credit card fees.

The Bacon keeps only


*Per transaction

A family lawn-care business that maintains more than 100 lawns.

"I love that The Bacon handles all my billing, I don't have to worry about sending bills or getting paid on time."

Fernando Phillips Phillips Care

Bring your business to The Bacon

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