The Bacon’s mission is to create a world of opportunity for anyone who wants to do more.

We’ve cooked up the right solution for both sides of the table. The Bacon gives our providers everything they need to get started and grow their business, risk-free. And we help people in their communities find the right businesses and hire them. It’s a simple idea with big impact.

The Bacon is intentionally designed to put the communities we serve before profits. That’s why we get paid only when our businesses do. If our businesses don’t make money, neither do we. It’s how we stay accountable, and it’s how we stay connected to the communities we serve.

Empowering Women to Bring Home the Bacon

The Bacon seeks to empower women to start and grow their own service businesses.

According to the United Nations Foundation*, if we made it easier for women to participate in our labor force, we could increase our Gross Domestic Product by 9%! If we made it easier for women worldwide, it would reduce global starvation by 150 million people.

What does it mean to make it easier for women to participate? It means big-picture things like paid family and maternity leave, affordable child care, equal pay for equal work, and truly inclusive work environments.

But it can also mean things like setting your own hours, working from home, and doing something you’re really passionate about on your own terms. And that’s exactly what The Bacon is all about.

Big things happen when women start something all their own. Research shows that women tend to spend more of their money on healthcare, education, and savings than men do — things that strengthen communities and make us all better.

That’s why The Bacon spends a percentage of its profits on programs that help women build their own businesses right here at home. Our goal: To bring The Bacon to financially disadvantaged women and people worldwide so that we can create a world of opportunity for anyone who is hungry do to something more.

Get your to-do list done and know that every dollar you spend with The Bacon helps feed a woman right here at home who is hungry to do something more.