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Best Practices

FAQ for Clients

About the Bacon

  • The Bacon is a marketplace that makes it easy to find and hire great local businesses online. Just tell us what you need done (or browse our great businesses), choose the business that’s right for you and pay when the job is done.

  • Customers always use The Bacon totally free. Just sign up and you’re done.

Navigating Your Account

  • Customers: Tell The Bacon what you need done and we pass the request along to every business in our ecosystem who does that kind of work in your area. Your posts are anonymous and you choose which business you’d like to work with.

    Businesses: The Bacon will send you an email when someone in your area requests the kind of work that you do. You can reply directly with a message or a quote through The Bacon. You can also click the Jobs Board tab in your Workshop and browse all the jobs that have been posted to The Bacon in your area and reply to any job you want to do.

    Bonus! Businesses can shop on The Bacon too! Post what you need done and we’ll find somebody to do the job.

  • Yes! You can consider as many businesses and schedule as many estimates for the job as you want.

  • If you posted a job to the Jobs Board, you’re ahead of the game. Businesses will respond to your post with a message or a quote. You can work out the details, ask questions, set up an estimate and then choose who you’d like to work with. Just enter your credit card info to officially book the job. Don’t worry, your card won’t be charged until the job is done.

    Prefer to browse? Find a business you want to work with, click Get A Quote on their profile and receive a response within 24 hours. Officially book the job by entering your credit card info at the bottom of the quote. Don’t worry, your card won’t be charged until the job is done.

  • You know you can trust our reviews because they can only be left by verified The Bacon customers, you can chat with your business before you hire, and we help you stop your payment if things go wrong. But there are no guarantees in life, and hiring a service provider is no exception. The Bacon doesn't vet or vouch for its businesses because we’re all about breaking-down barriers, not erecting them. Just like in any marketplace, a business with lots of awesome reviews is probably going to do a pretty great job. A business with bad reviews is more of a risk. A new shop with no reviews yet is waiting for the chance to prove how great they are. In The Bacon and in life, use caution and good judgment.

  • If you need to reschedule or cancel before the job has been done, find the job in your Active Jobs tab and click the Cancel Job button. Your payment to the business will be cancelled as well. If you click Reschedule, you'll be directed to your Messages with the business so that you can work out a new date and time. When you click Reschedule, your payment will also be cancelled. Send a message to your business letting them know that you need to reschedule the job. The business will send you a quote reflecting the changes you agreed to in your messages. Accept the new quote, enter your payment info and you are rebooked!

  • Using Messages! Just send a message to the business and work out a date and time for the estimate.

  • Choose who you’d like to hire and that business can set up recurring payments for you. You can pay for recurring services weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or at any interval that makes sense. You only have to enter your credit card info once and your payments will go out as scheduled!

  • Go to Active Jobs, open the job in question, and click Stop Payment within 24 hours after the date and time when the job was supposed to conclude. (You'll find this date and time on your quote.) Be sure you do this within the 24-hour window, or the business will be paid as originally scheduled.

    Once you've clicked Stop Payment, we give the business 7 days to make it right and correct any mistakes that may have been made. If you and the business come to an agreement and you're satisfied with the service, your payment will be automatically released to the business after 7 days has passed. You don't need to do anything else.

    If you want your money back at any point during those 7 days, go to the job in question (you’ll find it in Active Jobs) and you'll see that the button that used to read "Stop Payment" now reads "Get Refund." Just click Get Refund, leave a review, and you're done. The money will be back on your card within 48 hours, minus .30 cents that we are unable to return due to bank fees.

Payments and Refunds

  • It is each business's responsibility to include sales tax on their quotes. If you notice that sales tax has not been applied to a sale, please notify the business so he or she can correct the mistake.

  • Yes! Your business can break expensive jobs into manageable chunks with installments. After you've approved the quote, your payments will be released to the business automatically as scheduled. If you cancel payment altogether at any one of these installments, the entire job will be cancelled.

  • Sorry, not through The Bacon. We give you 24 hours after the job is scheduled to conclude to stop payment if you're unhappy with your service, but after that it's out of our hands. If you'd like a refund after that 24 hour period, you'll have to contact that business and work it out on your own.


  • With The Bacon, reviews can only be left by real The Bacon customers after the job is complete. That means the reviews you see represent actual experience with businesses. No fakes here.

  • Nope. You can only leave a review for a business after the job has been completed. No exceptions.

  • Nope, sorry. Once a review is given, you can't re-do it.

Secure Information

  • The Bacon uses industry-standard encryption and safety measures to keep you safe. We don't store your credit card or banking information. We use a third-party payment processor that makes it their mission to be PCI-compliant and employs top security measures to keep your information safe. We're always working hard to keep your safety and privacy a top priority. Check out our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policies for more information.

  • Nope. Your credit card information is only accessible to the payment processor and to The Bacon when necessary. Businesses will never have access to your payment information.


  • Please let us know immediately. Email hello@thebacon.com and make sure to describe the offensive content and where you found it so we can take appropriate action.

FAQ for Doer's

About the Bacon

  • We are the home for services large and small—from interior decorators, to lawyers, to fish-tank cleaners, personal shoppers, plumbers, and professional high-fivers. The only requirement to do business in The Bacon is that you have a skill that you want to contribute to your community and a bank account for direct deposit.

  • Nothing, it’s free.

  • Paying outside of the site is a violation of our terms, but more importantly, getting paid outside of The Bacon is bad for your business. Your customers can only leave you a review if they’ve paid you through our website, that’s how we make sure our reviews are legitimate. The more great reviews you get, the more people will want to hire you. Plus, people like hiring via The Bacon because it’s so easy!

  • The Bacon randomly selects as many new businesses as we have space for and features them on customers' homepages in your area for a period of time. We know how important it is to get that first great review, this is just another way we help you get the ball rolling.

Setting up your business

  • The Bacon is a tool to help you find new customers and grow your business. At no time, in any way are we involved with or responsible for the legal aspects of your business and we aren't giving out any kind of legal advice. You should always check your federal, state and local laws to make sure you aren't violating any rules or laws that could land you or your business in trouble.

  • If you’re a Sole Proprietor or if you’re just starting your business, you might not have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). In that case, enter your social security number. Can businesses also shop on The Bacon?

    Yes! All you need is a business account and you'll be able to browse services, post to the Jobs Board, and run your business all from your Workshop!

  • Yes! All you need is a business account and you'll be able to browse services, post to the Jobs Board, and run your business all from your Workshop!

  • Every business name must be unique on The Bacon. To make sure you're not accidentally stealing anyone's business name, check with your Secretary of State before you name your company. If you suspect that someone is using your business name, refer to your Secretary of State to find out what your next steps should be.

  • You do not work for The Bacon. Your relationship to The Bacon is as a Contractor. You own your own business and run it as you like. Your customers are purchasing your services from you, not from The Bacon. We just help you reach them and make it easier for you and your customers to work together.

  • Sign up and start building your store. You’ll need a few high-quality photos and your bank account info for direct-deposit. Choose a name for your business that no one else is using and upload a banner photo that will represent your business throughout The Bacon. Write a little bit about what you do and upload up to five videos or pictures, include bios, text, audio clips, anything you like!

  • When customers post a job to the Jobs Board, we send their request out to relevant businesses in their area. We’ll notify you via email about requests that fall into the categories you selected during setup. You can respond to the request by going to The Bacon and clicking the Jobs Board tab. Just open the job, click Send a Business Card and send the customer a message.

    When you get a response from the customer, a button will appear at the bottom of their message that lets you build a quote.

  • Estimates can be sent using Messages. We know that everyone handles estimates a little differently, which makes Messages a great place work out the details however it best suits your business.

  • We will issue you a 1099 tax form at the end of each year detailing how much you made with The Bacon. If you have any questions, reach out to us at hello@thebacon.com.


  • You can create a quote for any customer who reaches out to you. Go to the Message your customer sent you and at the bottom of the window, click the button that says, “Build Quote.” Fill it in, making sure to include applicable sales tax. Click Submit and you'll see it in the Message. Remember, the customer must formally accept the quote by clicking Accept Quote in their Message window. When they do that, the job will move from Messages to your Active Jobs heading. Once it's there, you're cleared to proceed. If it's not in your Active Jobs, your customer hasn’t officially hired you. Always check first.

  • Go to My Workflow, click Active Jobs, and open the job you need to adjust. You'll see a button that says “Adjust Quote.” Please keep in mind that your customer must approve every quote and adjustment that you put together, so wait until you see the job re-listed in your Active Jobs before you begin work.

  • You are responsible for collecting applicable taxes for the services you provide. Make sure that you include sales tax in your final price according to the rules and regulations of your state.


  • ALWAYS make sure the job is listed under Active Jobs before you begin work. If you don't see it there when you expect to, reach out to your customer and see if they need to reschedule or if they're still interested in working with you. Once it’s in your Active Jobs, start work according to your quote.

Payments and Refunds

  • All refunds have to be handled outside of The Bacon. Once your customer’s payment is deposited into your account, it’s out of our hands.

  • Yes! Advertise specials on your profile and build your quotes accordingly.

  • You bet! When you fill out your quote, click Yes when asked if this is a recurring payment. You can choose to set up recurring billing for the same amount in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly installments. If you need to ask for different amounts at each payment or set them up for different times, click Custom and set it up however makes sense for the job.

    Your customer has the option of withholding payment at any one of these installments. If your customer decides to stop payment altogether at any milestone, the whole job will be cancelled.

  • Sure! When you fill out your quote, there’s a down-payment option. Click yes, and fill in the amount!

  • When you fill out your quote, click Yes when asked if this is a recurring payment. You can bill weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or choose Custom to bill in a way that makes sense for the job. Your client’s payment will release automatically according to schedule.

    Your customer has the option of withholding payment at any one of these recurring events. If they decide to stop payment altogether, the whole job and all recurring payments will be cancelled.

  • Customers hire you by entering their credit card info to officially book the job. We hold the amount of the quote on their card and release it to you when the job is done. If there's a potential problem with their payment, we give you a heads-up so before you start the job so that you can decide how to move forward.

  • That means that your customer has chosen to withhold or cancel their payment. If your customer withholds payment, we give you 7 days to work it out so you can get a great review. If all goes well, you'll get paid as originally planned at the end of those 7 days.

    At any time during that 7 day period, your customer can choose to cancel their payment altogether.

    When you see that exclamation point, reach out to the customer ASAP and find out what went wrong. Usually it's a simple misunderstanding or error that can easily be corrected.