All About The Bacon

The Bacon is a marketplace where customers can hire reliable, local businesses to give them a hand with whatever they need. On the flip side, we give small businesses viable leads and a convenient place to do what they do best without having to worry about keeping books and pushing papers.

The Bacon is intentionally designed to put the communities we serve before profits. That's why we get paid only when our businesses do. It's how we stay accountable and it's how we stay connected to the communities we serve.

There's nothing like shopping and hiring local to boost a community: that's why The Bacon brings customers and businesses to the table, because we're better when we work together.

Meet the Team

We are the passionate people bringing you The Bacon everyday.
Jen Shima Founder / CEO

Jen wanted to start a resume editing business, but when she tried to get it started, she was shocked by the obstacles that stood in her way. She created The Bacon to help everyone bring home The Bacon doing what they love.

Siva Kilaru Technical Co-Founder

Siva makes the Bacon work. His goal is to make The Bacon a global solution to financial inclusion. As a person who's moved a lot over the years, he looks forward to a world where it's easier to find and hire service businesses.

Esther Leytush Web Developer

Esther's goal is for each person using The Bacon to have a thoroughly satisfying, enjoyable, and productive experience. She loves that this happens to involve some very cool technical challenges.

Ashley Singleton Social Media Specialist

Ashley is the voice of The Bacon. She conveys The Bacon's desire to empower small businesses in reaching their dreams.

Nikki Chin Director of Marketing

Nikki is a self-taught marketing ninja whose mission is to make sure local businesses meet new customers.

Lacee Pyles Opportunity Curator

Lacee is an expert connector, helping customers with projects meet the best local businesses Louisville has to offer.

Laura Mazzolini QA Analyst

Laura likes testing because it creates a better user experience. She finds it really exciting when final results exceed expectations, and when The Bacon really works for everybody.